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10 Ankara gown styles you can make with two yards of fabric

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]So, your mum just came back from picking up her clothes from the tailor and she says ‘Chisara, take this left over fabric’, you collect it and you are automatically in love, dancing around and then you take it to the tailor and the tailor says ‘sorry, this fabric wont be enough for that style with peplum that you showed her yesterday.

I have been there, I am still there. My mum gave me one beautiful fabric last week and I didnt know what to cause it is just two yards.

This post intends to show you 10 Ankara Gowns you can sew with that two yards fabric.

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PS: You will only be able to make these ankara gowns with two yards fabric if your tailor knows how to cut and manage fabric.

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  1. […] Naysayers will have you believe Ankara is not work-appropriate, is unprofessional, and only for informal gatherings. They lie! It is a conspiracy to ensure you do not add colour and vive to your office wardrobe, giving off the Miss Independent and efficient look in a dress that demands to be admired. Yes, I agree the skirt suit is a good look but imagine mixing that up with a dress done with Ankara. A madness! You can do this even if all you have is just two yards of material. […]

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