3 reasons ankara is the all-time look

In the words of a woman now anonymous, the true slay is the eternal slay. A slay that transcends time, space, and whatever else needs transcending. With the ankara fabric, our advice, and your ingenuity, I think we can achieve this.

Days come and go, years roll by, and fashion trends make comebacks before fleeting back into obscurity. Through all these, fabrics die out but the ankara remains and here are 3 reasons why.

Trendy and chic

No way is what was considered chic in the 60s still considered so now. But one thing that is constant is the fact that these styles are done and come out looking lit because of the ankara fabric. Just take a minute to imagine that 60s trouser or jumpsuit your granny rocked, and now here you are, decades after, doing the very same thing.

Source: UGC

The business casual look

It is Fri-yay and you are mentally switching from work mode to owambe-at-3pm-tomorrow vibe. So, you want to dovetail into it slowly and decide to go into work in that 3/4 Puff sleeve Peplum Top. Nah, this trend is not new nor can you, a millennial, lay claim to it. It is as old as the discovery of the wonders you can do with the ankara fabric.

Perfect party wear

One of the greats to ever do it, Da Grin, once paid homage to the ankara. He said, “eni ti o ra ankara ole je semo” (if you are not in your ankara, you would not be recognized). Irrespective of the style, be it in full or mixing fabric, ankara has got you covered.

From generation to generation, ankara has always been there (apologies Peak), and always will be. So will we. And if you are looking for more style ideas, go here, here, or here. Look at us being helpful. You are welcome.

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