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8 ankara styles that you can actually wear to work

Naysayers will have you believe Ankara is not work-appropriate, is unprofessional, and only for informal gatherings. They lie! It is a conspiracy to ensure you do not add colour and vive to your office wardrobe, giving off the Miss Independent and efficient look in a dress that demands to be admired. Yes, I agree the skirt suit is a good look but imagine mixing that up with a dress done with Ankara. A madness! You can do this even if all you have is just two yards of material.

Take a walk with us, read on as we share images and our thoughts on different Ankara dress combinations that can be worn to the office without you looking unprofessional or out-of-place. It is okay if you are the first to try it out at work. Let the revolution begin!

The pencil skirt

You can make a statement in the boardroom by pairing your Ankara pencil skirts with turtle neck tops. This gives off a simple chic but classy look that works well for that office look. Like cat skinning, there is more than one way to style a pencil skirt.

Source: Buzzfeed

Can’t go wrong with peplum tops

There’s nothing like a well-fitted outfit and this one looks suave and slick. Initially, we thought peplum blouses were just a cover-up but now we know better. You want to accentuate your features without doing too much? Go for this.

Ankara fabric mix

Everyone wants to get to the office looking effortlessly put together and this style says it all. This outfit can take you from work to date night and back to work again. With the ruffles at the bottom to spice the look. A gown with a touch of ankara.

Source: IG: @slayinankara

Ankara pencil dress

An ankara pencil dress is like a little black dress, every woman should own one. its versatile and can be paired with anything from sandals to high heels to sneakers.

Source: IG: @slayinankara

Ankara long-sleeve shirt

When you make your ankara into a long-sleeved shirt and skirt then you win employee of the month. Matching it with plain-coloured fabric helps make it easy on the eyes.

Source: IG: @slayinankara


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