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DIY Ankara Mask without sewing machine

Home made masks can be created using only a needle, thread and fabric lying about at home. The below example is made from fabric left over from a cushion cover. Try and use cotton (even an old T-shirt will work) as this is easy to machine wash and keep clean.

Here’s a step by step guide

Step 1 Find an old piece of fabric, preferably cotton. Cut out a rectangle measuring approximately 22cm by 36cm and lay it flat on a table.

Step 2 create a small fold in fabric, about 1cm long, that runs across the short width of material. Lie it flat, and put it in place.

Step 3 repeat four times, pinning folds flat each time. You can do more folds if you like. But you will end up with a concertina effect in the fabric (and should end up with at least double layers of fabric across the middle of entire mask).

Step 4 By adding the folds you may have made the mask the right length to cover you nose and mouth. If you feel it’s still too long, fold any extra fabric at either end underneath and pin in place.

You will secure this fold in place when you hem the short sides.

Step 5 With a needle and thread (double up the string for extra strength), hem both short sides with a simple running stitch to hold the folds you’ve just made in place.

Step 6 Fold both hemmed short sides over again (this is only a small fold) and stitch that flat. This is to prevent fraying, and will make the sides of the mask extra-strong, as this is where the ties will be held.

Step 7 Add ties. These can be elastic, ribbon or even shoelaces

Sew on to the short sides of the mask, and make sure to leave enough to be able to either tie the mask around the back of the head or around the ears, as you prefer.

You’re done. Remember, this is not a medical grade mask, but is a good option if you need to go to the supermarket and you can’t find a mask to buy.

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